Hosting Provider – DB Alliance

hosting provider is the hosting brand of DB Alliance, one of the leading hosting provider’s in Ireland. We deliver a broad range of specialist services (Oracle, SQL Server, ColdFusion, PHP, Dot Net etc.) to an international customer base.

Our business model is based on sustainable growth with an emphasis on providing quality support and careful development of customer relationships. This has been a successful approach that has allowed us become a strong, stable and financially secure company.


As a hosting provider, our primary hosting location is the Cork Internet eXchange (CIX) in Cork, Ireland, a data centre privately owned by EU nationals. CIX is located exclusively within Ireland, a country within the EU, and is subject only to Irish and EU law. CIX is the EU data centre with the lowest latency to North America and the Irish data centre with the lowest latency to London.

Technical Environment

Our Hosting environment and architecture is based on a combination of virtual and physical servers on a 10 GB internal network. Our main virtualisation platform is VMWare ESX based across multiple physical ESX hosts. Our ESX environment is managed using vCentre with vMotion interconnection. Our systems are continually monitored on a 24×7 basis for performance and security.


Most of our hardware is provided by our partner Dell and most of our systems run on PowerEdge R720 servers with High-efficiency hot pluggable components and 24×7 Gold support.


Our data centre operates to the highest standards in terms of security and best practice and has attained classification as a TIER 3 data centre. That is our first line of security. Within that we apply industry best practices wherever possible. We maintain a security baseline for all software deployed (operating systems, databases) etc.) and adhere to ITIL and ISO 27002 standards where practical.